Friday, October 9, 2009

Really.... who IS Katie Cotton?!

You're probably coming to this site from either YouTube or one of my other blog sites. There is often a little spot on websites that is to put in your website. Ruh Roh! What happens when you have like 10 different websites! Which one do you put in there?! Well... i put in this one! One that can lead you to where you the appropriate part of me that you might be interested in!
So here are some links.... still curious? Just scroll down and i'll give a little bio!

My Makeup Artist Site
(Shawger is my maiden name for those who are curious!)

My makeup artist blog (NEW)
(where the YouTube makeup videos are also posted as well as other pictures, info, etc)

My Paper Crafted Blog
(where the YouTube copic tutorials are posted, as well as all my cards, and other things)

My Stamp Company, Paper Makeup Stamps

Stamp Company Blog

Yep, thats a lot of websites! Now you see why i couldnt just put 1 in that little "website" section! Ok... onto a probably not so brief bio!

Skipping thru the whole childhood part... I moved out to Los Angeles to become a Makeup Artist! I love it there and worked professionally there for some time doing makeup for music videos, commericals, fashion shows, films, tv, etc etc the list keeps going. However, after marrying the love of my life and us deciding to start a family, we decided, welllllll, maybe we'll relocate. My hubby needed the break from the LA scene and I wanted the opportunity to be at home with my kiddos while they were small... at least part of the time! Not pulling 12-16 hour days on set and not really knowing when the next job was. SO, we relocated to South Carolina.
Still working as a makeup artist for film, lots of commericals and print work, some fashion and then of course, weddings, I found i wanted another creative outlet...

Enter paper crafting into my life! I met some friends who introduced me to the work of paper crafting, stamping, scrapbooking, etc. It was fun. But i had ideas! On top of that, i discovered COPIC MARKERS. Love those little guys! They reminded me of makeup! Picking colors, blending together, lots of different techniques and ways to use them. They were definitely love at first site. With the desire to color more, came more ideas! SO, i started my own stamp company! I named it appropriately, Paper Makeup Stamps.

So now i kind of have 3 worlds that i live in! First and foremost, I am known as Mama... to my 2 little guys. Even my hubby calls me Mama. haha. But then i have my life as a makeup artist and my life as a paper crafter. Its fun living in my 3 worlds, if not exhausting.

I'm also a teacher. Yep, lets just add one more thing to the list! haha. But i love to teach. I love to extend the knowledge that I have to others! I have taught makeup to collegiate students for some time. Letting them know the ins and outs of becoming a "makeup artist". I also became certified in Copic Markers so i could teach coloring classes (which i teach locally and online). I'm hoping that the YouTube videos I can provide help others to learn because I am a big firm believer in that the best way to learn to to watch and PRACTICE! Gather information from ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! Then practice it so that you can develop your own style! Never take anything that someone says as absolute! But do take it in! Everyone has something to teach you! Whether its what will work great for you or what doesnt work for you... it still teaches you! So research! Expand your horizons! Learn all that you can and then PRACTICE it! Hone it! Make it your own!

We are ALL stars and we ALL have the right to twinkle!